What Is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering (BME) encompasses a wide spectrum of activities where knowledge and tools used in traditional engineering disciplines are applied to the development of devices and systems for clinical diagnosis and therapy and to the investigation of the physiological and biological basis of human diseases. With the rise in life expectancy and the importance of the quality of life in the developed countries, there is an increasing demand for high-level health-related products and services. To meet these needs, the biomedical industry has been developing at an accelerated pace and is currently one of the leading sectors of the high-tech industries.

Biomedical industry in Israel is involved in areas such as artificial organs, implanted devices, diagnosis and therapy, equipment for catheterization and imaging, rehabilitation engineering, aids for the feeble and disabled, biomaterials, and tissue engineering. It is in the forefront of developing technologies for minimally and non-invasive surgery and monitoring systems for such surgeries. The biomedical industry is characterized by innovation, sophistication and by interdisciplinary R&D.

Past experience shows that our graduates, from the relatively new BSc program, as well as the well-established MSc and PhD programs, have been very successful in finding employment in the Israeli biomedical industry. Their ability to integrate knowledge from several fields has been found appealing by many businesses and employers. They can be found in key positions in leading companies. The unique combination of engineering with a solid background in the medical sciences is very attractive to many companies, particularly start-ups, research institutions, health organizations and hospitals.

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary unit, which is used in the application of knowledge and tools to develop various engineering disciplines and diagnostic methods and medical treatment for the Study of the physiological basis of disease. With the rise in living standards and life expectancy and the increase in demand for high-level and wide range of health services, rising demand for medical systems and innovative equipment. At the same time, the high-tech industry Biomedical is now among the leaders in the level and growth rate. The variety of the biomedical industry includes areas such as artificial organs, implanted artificial aids, medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment, catheterization equipment and medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering, disabled aids, biochemical engineering and tissue engineering. Bio-medical industry in the country and the world is knowledge-intensive, export-oriented and characterized by innovation, ingenuity and a constant search for new challenges