Graduate Studies

Roana Schiopu, MSc student , Biomedical engineering, Technion, Israel

 The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering offers programs leading to Master and Doctor degrees.

MSc and ME program
Admission to the graduate program in Biomedical Engineering requires a BSc degree in engineering or in physical or life sciences.
Requirements include a thesis or an engineering project, and 20 credit points of graduate level courses. Of these, 6 credit points are required in compulsory courses, while the rest are chosen following consultation with the student’s advisor.
Students holding an undergraduate degree in engineering are required to study 8 credit points of introductory courses, in addition to the regular requirements. Students with background in life sciences are required to study supplementary courses determined by the Graduate Studies Committee, on an individual basis.

PhD program
A doctoral candidate will be assigned a study program consisting of at least 6-9 credit points. Additional optional course work is subject to student’s previous background. Students with insufficient prior knowledge in life sciences are required to study at least 8 additional credit points. Students with a non-engineering background will be required to take a supplementary course program of 30 points.



Information and Guidance

Graduate Studies Administration

Faculty Dean

+972(4)8295502 /  +972(4)8294810
Silver 169

Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor Yael Yaniv
 Silver 321

Graduate Studies Secretary

Mrs. Gilit Aharonov

Tel. 972(4)8294130

Room 303