Industrial relations program, IAP – Industrial Affiliates Program of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion Here flagship Projects Faculty development plans for upcoming work.  The program seeks to build a bridge to excellence and what relationships and long-term cooperation between academia and industry leaders. Research and development, human resources and employment, marketing and public relations, education and teaching.Industrial relations program can any company, large or small, equal access to the faculty and resources to carry out various activities which expose the Company’s operations at all levels in front of students at all degree levels and tracks and in front of the academic staff, administrative and technical.

 Benefits package

Human resources and employment

 The possibility of “Recruitment Day” exclusive company to raise one student per semester
Participation Recruitment Day “held annually in the building of the Faculty to several companies simultaneously
Disseminating messages via email to students all the titles on the days of the spotlight, awards and fellowships, conferences and seminars
Companies dissemination of jobs by email for students
Advertising positions on Industrial Relations (Faculty website
Advertising jobs and employment opportunities on the electronic screen in the lobby of the Faculty

PR and Marketing

   The company’s logo and link to the website of the company a unique web page for the program Industrial Relations (Faculty)
The company’s logo appears on Industrial Relations program board located at the main entrance to the building of the Faculty
Advertising company activities at the Faculty (seminar, recruitment day, etc.) with on an electronic board located at the main entrance to the Faculty
Link to selected Web pages and presentations locate company “Industrial Relations Program”
The ability to view exhibitions faculty building technologies
Exposure of the companies to the students and staff members at all levels

Teaching and Education

 Participation in the advisory committee of industry leaders
Participation in conferences, symposia and seminars Faculty
Participation in coaching mentors from industry students
Transfer courses and / or seminars the company unique short
Guest lectures possibility of full courses by employees
The possibility of a free hearing of employees full-fledged courses
Access to the Faculty Library

Research and development

 Participation Research Day “is held once a year with faculty members present and Mstlmihm research and innovations.
Projects with students throughout the course of industrial project
Faculty researchers contacted Channel reliable and confidential
Coordination of joint projects with the laboratories of the Faculty
Assistance in finding partners for research proposals funded by the Chief Scientist Joint EU
Testing needs in R & D among companies and creating connections to the existing capabilities of the Faculty
The possibility of publishing articles on the subject of Research and Development Department in Hebron magazine