Noah Lotan

Noah Lotan
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    B.Sc. 1957 Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, Romania Ph.D. 1966 Biophysics (with distinction), Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

    Short Bio:

    Professor Noah Lotan was born Romania, 1935. He joined the Technion-IIT in 1979 and was appointed a Full Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in 1989. He held visiting appointments at the National Center for Scientific Research in Strasbourg, France, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY-USA, the University of Rouen, France, the Ciba-Geigy Corp. in Basel, Switzerland, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.,USA. Prof. Lotan is the incumbent of The Roy Matas / Winnipeg Chair in Biomedical Engineering, and established the Leonard and Diane Sherman Biomaterials Research Center at the Technion.

    Honors ,  Awards  and  Fellowships

    • - Weizmann Fellowship for Postdoctoral Studies at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.U., U.S.A. (1966).
    • - Mif'al Hapais Award for Ph.D. Distinction,  Weizmann Institute of Science,  Rehovot,  Israel  (1966),
    • - Fulbright Fellowship of the U.S. Department of State, for post- doctoral research at Cornell University,       Ithaca,  NY,  U.S.A. (1966-1969).
    • - NATO Fellowship at the Advanced Study Inst. on Reactive Polymers,  Forges-les-Eaux,  France (1975).
    • - Fellowship of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique  (CNRS) of France, at the Laboratory for Research on Macromolecules ,  University of Rouen,  France  (1976).
    • - NATO Fellowship at the Advanced Study Institute on Biopolymers,  Izmir,  Turkey  (1984).
    • - Fellowship of the Enzyme Engineering Society, at the 9-th International Conf. on Enzyme Engineering, Santa Barbara, CA,  U.S.A.  (1987).
    • - Fellowship of the Ministry of Sciences, Lower Saxony,  Germany, at the Israel - W. Germany Conference on  "Frontiers in Biology, Chemistry and Physics",   Braunschweig,  Germany  (1988).
    • - Lee Silver Friedman Award for Excellence,  Technion-Israel Inst. Technol., Haifa, Israel   (1991).
    • - Roy J. Matas/Winnipeg Chair in Biomedical Engineering, Technion-Israel Inst. Technol., Haifa, Israel(1999).

    Membership,   US  Federal Government Advisory Committee

    Member,  Special Emphasis Panel, Biomimetics and Tissue Engineering for the  Restoration of Orofacial  Tissues,  Nat. Inst. of Dental and Craniofacial Research,  NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA (1999).    

  • Selected Publications

    Books Published   

    1.  Israel J. Chem., Special Volume, dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. A. Berger,  Israel  (1974).
    2.  "Peptides, Polypeptides and Proteins", E.Blout, F.Bovey, M.Goodman, N.Lotan Eds., Wiley, USA (1974).
    3.  "Analytical Models in Biomedical Engineering",    Julius Silver Institute of Biomedical Engineering    and        Technion - Israel  Institute  ofTechnology, Haifa, Israel (1985).
    4.  O.Filo  and  N.Lotan:  "  Information Processing by Biochemical Systems: Neural Network-Type Configurations " ,  Wiley,  USA  (  ISBN : 978-0-470-50094-1  )   (2010) .

    Representative Publications:

    • Edwards, D.A., Hanes, J., Caponetti, J., Hrkach, J.S., Ben-Jebria,A., Eskew, M.L., Mintzes, J., Deaver, D., Lotan, N. and Langer, R., Large porous aerosols for pulmonary drug delivery. Science, 276: 1868-1871, 1997.
    • Salzman, G., Tadmor, R., Guzy, S. Sideman, S. and Lotan, N.. Hollow fiber enzymic reactors for two substrates processes: Analytical modeling and numerical simulations. Chem. Eng. and Processing, 38: 289-299,1999.
    • Segal, V., Lamed and N. Lotan. Dual-enzyme multi-layer bioreactors: Analytical modeling and experimental studies. Art. Cells, Blood Subst. and Immol. Biotech., 27, 313-342, 1999.
    • Caponetti, G., Hrkach, J.S., Kriwet, B., Poh, M., Lotan, N. and Langer, R. Microparticles of novel branched copolymers of hydroxy acids and amino acids. J. Pharm. Sci., 88: 136-141, 1999.
    • Guzy, S., Sideman, S. and Lotan, N.. Enzyme-based artificial liver support: A computerized expert system for design, optimization and operation control, in: "Biomaterial Engineering and Devices: Human Applications",    (D.L. Wise, D.J. Trantolo, K.V. Lewandrowski, J.D. Gresser and M.V. Cattaneo, Eds.), Humana Press, Vol. 1,    Ch. 18, pp 279-293, (2000).
    • Sivan, S., Tuchman, S., and Lotan, N., A biochemical logic gate using an enzyme and its inhibitor.    Part II:    The logic gate. BioSystems, 70: 21-33, 2003.
    • Fu, K., Harrell, R., Zinski, K., Um, C., Jaklenec, A., Frazier, J., Lotan, N., Burke, P., Klibanov, A. and Langer, R.    A potential approach  for decreasing  the burst effect  of protein  from PLGA  microspheres.   J. Pharm. Sci.,92(8): 1582-1591 , 2003.
    • Ne'eman, N., Marbach, D., Chen-Konak, L., Kaufman-Francis, K., Berkovich, M., Levenberg, S., Lotan, N. and Sivan, S.  Multifactor, sequentially releasing scaffold for tissue engineering: Fabrication using solvent/nonsolvent sintering technology. Isr. J. Chem., 53: 821-828, 2013.
    • Alagem-Shafir, M., Kivovich, E., Tzchori, I., Lanir, N., Falah, M., Flugelman, M.Y., Dinnar, U., Beyar, R., Lotan, N.,and Sivan, S. The formation of an anti-restenotic / anti-thrombotic surface by immobilization of nitric acid synthase on a metallic carrier.   Acta Biomaterialia,  10: 2304-2312, 2014.  

  • Main Research Interests

    • Biomaterials :  Medical and non-medical applications
    • Intelligent systems for drug targeting: Cancer metastases and vascular lesions
    • Immobilized enzymes and sorbents for biotechnological applications
    • Extracorporeal and fully-implanted biosystems for metabolic support
    • Bioengineering, biotechnology and artificial biological systems
    • Separation and purification of biomaterials: Process engineering
    • Multifunctional scaffolds for tissue engineering
    • Molecular electronics and biochemical assemblies as neural networks
    • Drug resistance: Metabolic reprograming and therapeutics

    Professional affiliations:

    Member, Editorial Board, Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine & Biotechnology (1993-) Biomolecular Engineering (1999 -).