Undergraduates Studies


The Biomedical Engineering Program is a four-year study program. It aims to provide our students with a solid background in basic science together with a broad knowledge in engineering and in life and medical sciences.

The lower level courses (first and second years) consist of basic sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computers), life sciences (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cell biology and Physiology), and basic engineering courses, e.g. Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Electronics and Control, Materials Engineering and Transport Phenomena.

The upper level courses (third and fourth years) are designed to extend the engineering background and expose the students to the challenges in the frontiers of Biomedical Engineering. The courses include: Biomedical Engineering Design, laboratories and elective courses. During the last year, students have the opportunity to integrate and consolidate their knowledge while practicing in an extended biomedical engineering project. In addition, they are exposed to the clinical environment through a biomedical engineering clinical project within the hospital setting.

In addition, all students have to choose elective courses from two lists. These courses allow the students to specialize and focus on the field of their interest. The elective courses include a variety of topics such as: Medical imaging, Control systems, Bioelectrical Phenomena, Processing of Signals and Medical Instrumentation, Biomechanical Systems, including the Musculo-Skeletal System, Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Biomechanics, Diagnostic and therapeutic Ultrasound, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Artificial Organs and Artificial Aids, Biological Fluid Flow Systems, Respiratory Systems and Bio-Sensors; Biomaterials Biotechnology including Biochemical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Biosensors, Metabolic Artificial Organs, and Controlled Drug Delivery.

The list of elective course is comprised of two sub-groups designated as core elective course and secondary electives.

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